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Interview with Nick Sun, of genius/insanity.


Introducing Nick Sun is hard, you kind of need to see him to understand what he’s about. And I don’t mean “Oh haha look at Nick Sun he’s so crazy”, despite the title of the interview. He’s actually an incredibly smart stand-up whose shows get critical acclaim, and more recently they’re not (overtly) about fucking with audiences anymore, as he mentions below. I feel kind of stupid having done this interview, you should really just read the FAQ and Bio on his website, they’re much more insightful. Anyway, read on pilgrim! 

The Humourdor: How come you’re not at the Melbourne Comedy Festival this year?

NS: They didn’t offer me enough money - plus I have a private gig booked in Columbia.

H: How long have you been doing stand up for, and how did you get into it?

NS: I’ve been doing it now since I was about 8 years old. I accidentally wandered on stage one night and the crowd just went wild and I knew at that moment this was my future. 

H: At a glance, it seems like you’re only just now blowing up as a comedian, but you’ve actually been winning basically every competition you’ve entered since 2004. Is there a point you want to get to where you can be like, “Cool, I’m successful now”?

NS: That is clearly not true- where did you do your research? (Facts aren’t important to me – ed.) The point I want to get to is when I can eat whale sushi every second day and have a harem of eewok sluts. 

H: You’re playing Edinburgh this year, is it your first time? Are you psyched?

NS: No, 4th time. Yes I’m psyched. 

H: Everyone keeps describing you as abrasive/explosive/violent revenge fantasies/etc., is this something you set out to do intentionally, or is it just how things turned out?

NS: That was old Nick Sun circa 2005-2009. He was put to sleep. I am Now Dick Moon, who is all about the love. Nick Sun does make occasional appearances though… 

H: Are there any comedians you like who you feel are overlooked?

NS: Rick Shapiro, Mike Dobbins, Paul Foot, Phil Kay, Dr Brown, ODB 

H: I’m Australian also, and it seems like there’s this whole institutionalised racism thing that’s embedded in comedy here, did that affect you when you started doing stand up?

NS: Not really, sometimes belonging to a minority group can give you an edge. Some bookers definitely favour female/ethnic/gay/disabled comics to break up the otherwise all white, male, middle class bills. Sometimes… those guys are the true people who get neglected and discriminated against. I look at their ugly drabness and weep.

H: I’ve noticed that a lot of your sets are like half an hour or longer, do you write a lot or is it a bunch of improv as well?

NS: I got this antennae implanted in my head and everything I say gets beamed into me from an extraterrestrial source, can’t disclose exact location but two word clue- dogstar sirius - wink wink.

H: Do you think you’re going to keep doing stand-up, or branch into writing TV or something?

NS: Live stand-up is all I want to do at this point. I do plan to write a novel and a bunch of short stories prose and comic poetry. And be a garden.

H: Are you playing Brisbane any time soon?

NS: No.(Well FUCK YOU! – ed.)

H: What sort of day jobs have you had in the past, and have you gotten to the point where you can tell the bosses to go fuck themselves (if you’re bitter)?

NS: No. I’m very polite - I save the spleen for the stage. I once drove trucks to deliver ice cream but the freezer broke down and I had to eat as many of them. A crowd gathered and begun to chant EAT DEM ICE CREAM EAT DEM ICE CREAM… someone made a flag to commemorate it. We burnt effigies of Walter Matthau on the beach.

H: Uh, if you could be a pizza topping, what would it be?

NS: Hmmm, I would be like just a cow standing on a pizza base with its left hind leg, would that count as a topping? (I called Dominos, it does – ed.)

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